rbjane2 The Dear Jane Journey has begun!!!! I have decided to make a Rainbow Jane! Yes! I need something bright, cheery and challenging for focus and I have decided that this project will be colorful, springy, inspiring and just plain fun! Plus I will work on some of my skills that need to be honed! So I am excited about the prospect of stepping outside of the box! YAY!

I have my Dear Jane software and little by little I have read the directions and I think I have finally figured it out. It took some time and patience, but I managed to find a bit of both and I am mastering the software a bit at a time. It is a little tricky.... but perseverence is not foreign to me and I have committed myself and I will prevail! I am determined!!!

Here is the first monthly goal!

10 blocks....

Here is what I accomplished:


Block A1 - Pinwheel Gone Awry in yellow


Another angle!

This block has a total of 28 pieces


Block A-2: One-Two Buckle My Shoe

Orange!!! Total of 40 pieces make up this block. Geez!


Block A-3: Hunter's Moon

This was the first block I ever made with reverse applique!

I need to work on hiding my stitching a little better, but not bad for my first try LOL!


A close up of the block.

Total of 9 pieces to make this one!


Block B-1: Bachelor's Buttons

More reverse applique!


A close up of the stitching on the circles!

This block is only 2 pieces.


Block C-1: Trooper's Green Badge

Paper Piecing! This one was easy!!!

16 pieces.


A really cool angle of this block!

B2-Sweet TaterPie1

Block B-2 Sweet Tater Pie

Where did the block names come from? LOL!

Total of 16 pieces.

This block gave me problems. I made it twice. It is still not perfect, but it is finished! LOL. I love the red fabric!




Block C-2 Streak of Lightning

This one was a combination of reverse applique and regular applique.


I love this angle on this block!

Total of 15 pieces!

And the pink polka dots are adorable!

TR1-Spanish Moss1

Block TR1 - Spanish Moss

This block was a paper piecing challenge.

Total of 23 separate pieces.

The triangle blocks are really different and challenging!


Another angle!


Block TR2 - Australian Times

This was my first triangle block!

Total of 20 separate pieces.

What an experience!!!


Another angle.

This fabric is not my normal palette. But I like it!


Block TR3 Checkerboard

A paper pieced wonder!

36 separate pieces!


I love this angle!

Sew cool!

I have a photo of how the blocks are supposed to look together, but I can't get it to load in the blog right now. I am not sure what the problem is, but I have tried for too long to get it to work. So I give up!!! Maybe next time I can get it to work!

My journey so far has been comprised of 7 very different and distinct blocks, 3 Triangles (oh sew new to me and a totally different mind set) and 203 pieces of white and very colorful fabric.

My next month's challenge is a total of 8 blocks and 2 triangles in pinks, purlples and blues. These are the colors I normally sew with and I am very comfortable in that realm.

But I guess we are not going for comfort here, are we?


Here is my St. Patrick's Day block from my redwork quilt.

I could not find this photo when I posted about my redwork quilt last week. Cute!


A close up of the stitching!

I am hoping that everyone is having a fabulous and fantastic week! Happy Easter!!! I am looking forward to some fun family time! Take care.

Stitch your stress away!



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sewingsmiley_thumb_thumb[1]We are back to another Friday and it is hard to even know where the week went! I had plans for several blog posts this week to update my blog with all of my projects, but the updating just does not seem to be happening. Where does the time go??? I get home from work, work out a few days a week, walk the dog, sew a little ... and then the day is gone! But at least I am getting in some sewing EVERY day.

Today I decided to update my blog with progress on Dear Diary redwork quilt. I am keeping up with the stitching of my blocks, although I believe I am a little derelict in my blogging duties as I have not posted them all! Go figure! I guess the reality is that I would rather be sewing than blogging! Y'all know what I mean?

I will start with the photos of the redwork blocks that I have pinned to my NEW design wall (which I LOVE btw...)


Here you can see all of the blocks posted together in one spot. You can see the Good Luck clover block that I stitched for St. Patrick's Day on the left. I had some photos of that some where, but can't find them now and I am not going to hold up this post because I do not have the photo handy.

There are more blocks in the works now.

Very cool spring designs!


Here is a block that I made to welcome Spring!

Spring is my favorite time of year! Everything is so green and crisp and clean!


A close up of the little flower. The center of the flower is filled with tiny french knots.


And the matching flower on the other side!


Here is the block that I made during an emotional time. Life sometimes hands up situations that are hard to handle. Being separated from my BFF has been difficult and the distance is great. I feel like life is unraveling at the seams at times and then I try to immerse myself in stitching to ease the emotional tough times. Sometimes it works. Some days it doesn't. So there are days when I feel I am just holding on by a thread. Thus.... this block.


I made this block to remind myself that I am a strong and independent woman.


I know I can make it through this.... somehow.

I have faith that no matter what happens, it is what was meant to be.


It feels like my heart is on the mend today and I feel positive and upbeat about the future. Hopefully I can hold on to this feeling and help it to grow and take hold in my heart.


These blocks all look so great together. I just need to start a plan for how I am going to put them all together at the end of the year. This is only one quarter of the blocks. There will be many many more to come throughout 2011.

Then the other project I am working on....

It is a big one....

It will take more than 2 years to complete!



It is going to look something like this when it is done.

84" x 84" of pure quiltyness!!!!

What an endeavor!!!

Can I do it???

I think I can!

I know I can!

I will post about my 1st month of progress soon!

Until then, may you find peace in the piecing of a quilt.... or whatever other craft road you decide to take!

Happy stitching,


P.S. Hopefully I will find time for some link ups!!!

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